Maido Japanese Restaurant – Faultless, Fast, & Fresh


My father always boasts of his lovely sashimi lunches at Maido Japanese Restaurant. I finally got to go and revel in its authenticity and freshness. This is not the place for fancy, Americanized sushi rolls – it is, however, a laid-back restaurant where locals and tourists go for fresh fish. I would say it is more of a happening place for lunch, but it was still full at dinner time.


Check out a full menu here.


For Starters:


Fried Kale

Miso Soup


If you’re going to have anything fried, it might as well be kale, am I right? It is still somewhat healthy (besides the fried part). You may think I’m crazy, but oh my gosh – it was PHENOMENAL. I have never had fried kale before. I think I licked the plate…(more like, I know I did).

The miso soup was good. At the bottom of the bowl, it had the cubes of tofu that I fancy. It was a solid snack to have before dinner.


For Dinner:




Dragon Roll, Volcano Roll, & Maido-Maki Roll


The sashimi melted in my mouth and was not chewy at all. All the rolls were incredibly fresh and tasted great. I could’ve devoured more, but I was satisfied and decided to quit before I got too full. Besides, I wanted to leave some room for dessert… It’s the weekend, I deserve it!


Check out this delicious hole in the wall, you will not regret it – I know I didn’t.




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