Scared, Skeptical, & Sorority Recruitment

Why I Rushed

I never imagined myself going through sorority recruitment or joining a sorority. I saw how it was portrayed in movies/TV and thought for sure it was not for me. Looking at all the sorority pictures my friends were constantly posting did not spark my interest, but rather annoyed me. I told myself I would NEVER join a sorority. But as my mother always says, “Don’t spit up”…. Oh, how I hate how right she always is.

I found myself completely alone in a new school, as a transfer student. I wanted to make friends/connections, and get involved but did not know how. I started asking around and doing my research. I went to a pre-recruitment event and got to meet some lovely women that did not at all fit the cookie cutter sorority type I had engraved in my mind. But instead they were down to earth and fun to be around. I got such positive vibes that I decided to go through with recruitment and then decide if I wanted to join a sorority. And I must say, I have no regrets. It was a positive experience that I grew a lot from. Not only did I go through recruitment but also accepted a bid from my top sorority!

Reasons to Rush a Sorority

(even if you end up dropping the experience)

  • Communication skills- HELLO, why not become better communicators? Communication is needed for everything: work, school, family, relationships, etc. I know plenty of people that can’t get by b/c they can’t communicate. The recruitment process requires a lot of talking and communicating; it forces you to get better at it. Practice makes perfect!
  • Friends– Making friends in college can be hard if you’re not in any clubs, especially if all your classes are huge lecture classes. I felt like it was practically impossible for me to make friends when all everyone wanted was to get in and out of class, without interacting with anyone. Even if you decide not to go through with joining a sorority, you will still make friends.
  • Girl power- It was always hard for me to be friends with girls, that’s why I have always had a lot of guy friends. This experience taught me that I can befriend females without the bitchin’ and backstabbing. It also taught me that it is possible for women to be united, and work together to reach goals, without being negative. I loved how empowering all the women I met were.
  • Philanthropy- Rushing made me realize how much I wanted to get involved. We are the future and the now. I realized that I wanted to make a difference and changing the world for the better, became a personal goal for me.
  • New Experiences- a new you- Everyone you meet and all your experiences, add something to your life. I became a more confident person and a better communicator just from going through recruitment. I learned something from every woman I met. There is nothing to lose, only A LOT to gain. If it is not for you, that’s ok. Don’t knock an experience like this, until you try it.


Awkward accident-prone actresses can join a sorority too;)


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