Tired, Tardy & Timid (on the third week of school)

Third week of school- and you would think I would have it all figured out by now…..

I don’t use alarms. I always say I have an internal clock that will wake me up whenever I want. Well, today that internal clock woke me up late. I jumped out of bed, skipped my morning workout, and drove to school. I usually have to leave an hour ahead so I can get parking (even though school is only 5 min away). I find parking and I write down my parking location and what exit it’s closest to (not easy being forgetful & directionally challenged). I head over to the building I have to go to. As I am about to open the door, I see a couple of people waiting to go in. They don’t look familiar, but hey, it’s a huge lecture class, no one looks familiar! I sit with them as I wait for class to begin. I take out my laptop and read what I had to read for today’s class. I sit there reading for about 20 minutes. The class that was inside the classroom gets let out and I notice that one of the guys looks familiar. I walk into the classroom and see my teacher packing up and leaving. And at that moment, I realized that I missed my class. My class in fact started at 10, not 10:30. Not only did I miss class but I missed the in class assignment. I would have felt better if I had slept through the class, not waited outside for a class that I am not even in. I definitely won some brownie points for this one. I would say this is out of character for me but it really isn’t.

Learn from my mistakes.

How to avoid being tired, tardy & timid:

  • Get your rest and SET AN ALARM. Wake up w/ an ample amount of time to workout, eat, shower, get dressed, etc.
  • Make a schedule for yourself. Get a planner!

(My super cute planner ft. Sparrowlynn)

  • Always check the time and know exactly when your class starts.
  • Get to know people. Make friends with people in your class!!! Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Ask questions. DON’T BE SHY. Like my dad says, “being shy will get you nowhere”. I struggle asking for help and asking questions…. look where it got me, NOWHERE!

And if something like this happens to you, it’s ok. It makes a great story and it’s a learning experience!

Perfection is overrated & boring,

The awkward accident-prone actress


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