Weekend in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Spent a lovely & relaxing mini getaway in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. I stayed at the Plunge Beach Resort and really enjoyed it. The view was great; the room was clean and trendy; and the beach was perfect.

Get the glasses pictures above here.

Here are some highlights from the trip:

The view/beach.

I loved sitting on the balcony and enjoying the view of the beach.

Starbucks from the hotel


While at the beach, I met the cutest/sweetest paddle boarding dog. We shared chips with her and enjoyed petting her after she finished her fun in the ocean.

Frozen drink

Surprisingly, I did not see designated frozen drink spots in the area. I did have a pretty good Piña Colada while here, though. It was not too sweet and satisfied my craving.

Avocado Toast

I had breakfast at the Octopus within the Plunge Beach Resort and it was great! I loved my avocado toast. The bread was delicious (not at all soggy) and all the ingredients were fresh.

Basilic Vietnamese Grill Fort Lauderdale

OK, this place so good that we ate there two days in a row (unheard of for us). Everything was fresh, made to order, and absolutely delicious.

To drink: Bottle of cold sake!

For appetizers: Spring rolls & imperial rolls (egg rolls)

For dinner: Tofu vermicelli noodles (salad type of dish), stir fried noodle and tofu, and seafood wok tossed noodles.


The area has multiple ice cream/gelato places. I had the pistachio gelato from PAN’E DOLCI Italian Bakery and it hit the spot!

Dolly’s Designer Outlet

Dolly’s is a must stop when I am in the area. I love looking through all the funky jewelry and getting things at great prices that I would not get anywhere else. Stop by, buy cute accessories, and hang with the boutique’s resident birds.

Me holding my goodies from Dolly’s

Until next time!



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