DIY Collage of Screencaps from Movies/TV Shows Arranged by Color

I saw that someone did something like this on Twitter and had to do it myself. I have an obsession with looking at the color palettes for films, so this is right up my alley.

First thing I did was jot down movies/tv shows I wanted to include. I proceeded with googling for the screencaps I wanted (while keeping in my mind I needed a variety of colors). Ultimately, I chose 150 screencaps that would look good 4×4 (and of course, are of good quality). I decided to give Shutterfly a try to print out these bad boys. I spent around $30 and it was worth it. They came out great (however, when I was arranging them, I did realize some were bigger than others, but it is ok, because you can overlap and play around with them).

It took the prints a couple of weeks to get to my house – but when they did, I was ready to proceed. I actually rearranged my room to have a free wall for these prints and I would not have it any other way.

I started the process by putting the pictures in piles according to color. After that, my sister helped me arrange them all on my floor. We decided to go from (left to right) black/brown to red to orange/yellow to green to blue to purple and finally, to pink. The top row has the darkest/more prominent shades and the bottom row has the lightest shades.

I utilized my cousins and sister to help me put up the pictures (in the color order we chose) with blue tack from Amazon. I only put the blue tack on the top two corners of each picture and it stuck pretty well.

For more info, check out my vlog:


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