My First Comedy Show – Benito Skinner’s Overcompensating Tour at the Miami Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theater

At 23 years old I have finally experienced my first comedy show. I am astonished that it took me this long. As a theatre and film lover, why did it take me so long? Honestly, it probably had to do with distance and streaming services (with comedy specials on Netflix, why leave the house?).

I came across Benito Skinner (bennydrama7 on Instagram) back in December/January. My intro to him began with his dating a Capricorn video. It is safe to say I was hooked. After watching that skit, I watched them ALL! His comedic timing, spot on impressions, and love for wigs and dressing up had me obsessed. When it came to Pisces season (my birthday season), I could not wait to see what video he brewed up.

I saw that Benito was going on tour. To my disappointment, his first leg of the tour did not include Miami. Then, after some time, I saw that he posted that he would be coming to FL to do shows in Tampa, Orlando, AND Miami. I was obviously thrilled so I purchased my ticket and urged my friend to get one too (she is also a big fan of Benito). We got general admission tickets (I did not notice that on the ticket it said 2 drink minimum, so you can imagine how confused I was on the day of the show – more on that later).

On the day of the show, I arrived at City Place Doral at 6:20PM (doors opened at 6:30PM). I parked in the garage closest to the Miami Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theater (first 2 hours are free). The comedy club is located on the second floor next to Copper Blues Rock Pub & Kitchen. There is actually no restroom in the comedy club, so when you do need to go, you must walk through doors that connect you to Copper Blues and go there. During my visits to the restroom, I heard a lot of Hispanic music – I am not sure how much of a rock pub it is.

Luckily, since we arrived early, we got our pick of tables. We sat right of the stage near the front. The menu offers a variety of options and there was also a special drinks menu for the show. I was not in the mood to drink an alcoholic beverage so I just drank water (once the bar was closing I had to purchase a Fiji water to fulfill the 2 drink minimum). To eat, the poke bowl stood out to me. It was okay (the fish was a bit chewy and over-seasoned) but honestly, what did I expect?

We ate our food and enjoyed each other’s company as we waited for Benito to grace us with his presence. At around 8:15PM I believe the show started. It began with a skit being shown on the big screen (I love that this was utilized since we all know him from his skits on Instagram/YouTube).

He then surprised us by popping up in the audience with his Britney Spears inspired outfit singing Lucky. Naturally, the crowd went wild (side note: the crowd was almost entirely filled with females but there were a good amount of guys in the audience as well). After the popular Britney number was over, Benito greeted the audience in his regular laid-back look (which included his dead grandfather’s pants). It was clear that he was pleased to be in the Miami heat with this lively audience.

Some of my favorite parts of the show included his personal stories about family and love, his coming out story, his relatable issue with money, and his Lady Gaga inspired number. I was smiling and laughing the entire time. I do not remember the last time my face hurt from smiling.

He closed his show with a Lana Del Ray number. Since it is Cancer season, she was the perfect character to end the show with.

Overall, I thought it was a great show. I’m glad seeing Benito Skinner live was my first comedy show. I would without a doubt see him perform again. He made an effort to connect with the audience; he used the space well; he satisfied the audience with popular references from his skits; he was organically funny without forcing anything.

I am glad the Miami Improv Comedy Club and Dinner Theater opened so close to me. The two drink minimum thing is annoying but I would like to go again. For more insight on the experience check out the vlog I linked above.




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