Divieto Ristorante – Perfect for Celebrations!

I went to Divieto Ristorante for the first time last night with some friends to celebrate one of my friend’s upcoming move to the big apple. Our reservation was at 9PM and when we arrived it was packed.

The 7 of us sat in a circular table that was a bit cramped but we made do. The overall vibe of the restaurant was cheerful and enjoyable (the live music helped). To drink, we ordered two bottles of Lunetta Prosecco to share.

Although I have never been to Divieto before, I was aware that the portions were rather large and that is why I knew I did not need a starter. All of the dishes on the menu looked delicious, but I had to go with a classic – Chicken Marsala. It came with 3 generous pieces of chicken, pappardelle pasta, mushrooms, and a savory wine sauce.

If you do not encounter the Ruota Di Parmigiano tableside experience then you did not really go to Divieto. One of my friends ordered the Ruota Di Parmigiano and we all got to see how it was made. It is definitely a dish cheese lovers should try.

We had a wonderful dinner at Divieto. It was nice to get all glammed up to go out to eat with friends and celebrate my friend’s next adventure.




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