Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you have a special queen in your life who deserves the world? Are you on a budget and operating on a limited amount of time (I mean, Mother’s Day is tomorrow…)?

Well, I have some ideas for you.

  • Strike an Emotional Chord 

This is the day to get sappy and corny – mothers love to feel listened to and thought of. Write a poem or a nice card/letter (purchasing one will not do) – she’s your mother for goodness sake! You could even sing her a song or put together a video/slideshow of memories.

  • Scavenger Hunt

Create a thoughtful and enjoyable scavenger hunt for her to participate in. I hid my mother’s gifts all around the house and distributed clues, so she could find them; it turned out to be a fun activity that she thoroughly enjoyed (she even happy cried).


  • For the Social Media Loving Mom, Create a Snapchat Filter!

Last year, I created a Snapchat filter for my Mom at my house and at the restaurant we reserved for dinner – she loved it! Creating one is super simple and SUPER cheap (I paid $5 for each one).

  • Get Crafty

Time to check out Pinterest or How To videos on YouTube. Some ideas: painting/drawing, DIY wreath, mason jar vase, picture frame, homemade facial mask/scrub, jewelry holder, etc.

  • Breakfast

This one is a classic. The way to your mom’s heart is through her stomach, so get to cooking! We opted for some Huevos Rancheros last Mother’s Day. Maybe you could even throw in some Bloody Marys or Mimosas.


  • Things Your Mom Would Love, But Would Never Buy For Herself

I use this motto when gift shopping all the time. We all need/want things that we would never buy for ourselves, out of pure laziness and well, money. I advise aiming towards self-care options – get her some comfy slippers or a diffuser. I also recommend sifting through Amazon and checking out their best sellers.


I hope this helps.


Show some love to your queen and have a Happy Mother’s Day!






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