Tips for a Healthier, Happier, More Productive Life

I am by no means all knowing – I am merely 22. Although, I do have ideas and thoughts to share. I have compiled a list of things that help me live a healthier, happier, more productive life.

  • Green Tea –– 

I religiously drink green tea every morning. It gives me energy without giving me anxiety. With some research, you will sea that there are health benefits attached to drinking green tea (i.e. The Health Benefits of Green Tea –– BBC Good Food).

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  • Invest in a Planner ––

I love physically writing things down in a planner, rather than relying solely on technology; it helps me remember things better. In order to be productive, planning and time management are essential. FYI Amazon has some great planners!

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  • Post-it Note To-Do-Lists ––

I draft my to-do-list every morning. As my day progresses, I cross off what I have completed and add whatever else I need to do.


  • Follow the Reward System Approach ––

This is something I came up with, but it is a pretty basic approach to achieving balance in life. Once I have completed things I have to do, I reward myself. Rewards range from an episode of The Office (or other TV series) to a snack to attending a social event or taking part in an activity I enjoy. It works for me. Everyone can benefit from putting a similar system in place and executing it.

  • Drink LOTS of Water ––

This one is something we hear all the time. Carrying a big bottle of water at all times forces me to drink more of it.

  • Go Outside ––

I love taking a break and appreciating natural beauty. Of course, I live in Miami, so there is a lot of beauty to take in. I find myself in a better mood when I breathe in some fresh air.


  • Exercise ––

It is so important to stay active. Take the time to find what you like and do it. Search up workout videos on YouTube, go do a class at the gym or at the local park, go for a walk outside, run on the treadmill, go for a swim–whatever it is, just do it! Maybe even invest in the Simply Fit Board and workout while you watch TV.


  • No Dairy ––

I try my hardest not to consume dairy; I do, however, slip up sometimes. Whenever recipes call for dairy, I substitute it with almond milk. I no longer suffer from stomach pains and my skin has gotten so much better (I no longer get painful acne).

  • Healthy Food ––

This is an obvious one. I eat fairly healthy most of the time and consume plenty of fruits and veggies, but I do reward myself with things that aren’t the healthiest. I allow myself to cheat once in a while; it’s all about balance!

  • Surround Yourself with Positive People ––

There is absolutely no room for negativity and nastiness in your life. There’s so much good in the world; find it, hold on to it, be a part of it, and don’t let go!

  • Take up Hobbies ––

The opportunities are endless – pleasure read, write to express yourself, watch films, volunteer at animal shelters, cook different foods, learn to knit, etc.


I will leave it at that. That being said, do not be afraid to love and to show compassion.





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