Lovable, Lucky, Leaping, LEAP YEAR


I know, I know, leap day is in the past. It came, and went so quickly that I did not have time to post about it. As some of you may know, I am a leap year baby. I constantly get asked if it is something I enjoy or loathe. To be honest, I have grown to love it (when it is actually leap year). It is a weird birthday that only exists every 4 years. And no, my parents did not plan it. I was born premature two months; so, I guess I was destined to be strange.

This year I turned 20, but I was way more excited about turning 5. 4 years of being my lucky number (it kind of makes up for turning the oh-so-frightening 2-0). I would not trade my lucky day for any other; but I wish things were a bit easier for us lucky leap year babies.


What Leap Year Babies Want YOU To Know-

  • Leap year occurs every 4 years. That being said, the easiest way to know when it is leap year is checking if the year is divisible by 4. For example, 2016. 16/4= 4. DING DING DING!!! Leap year!!!!
  • Just because Feb 29th is non-existent, for a period in time, does not mean we do not have a birthday! C’mon give us a break. We have been picked on our whole lives.
  • Stemming off of my last point, I think a fair compensation for all the years of being poked fun of is 2 days of b-day celebrations. I always get asked if I celebrate on Feb 28th or March 1st– simple answer, I celebrate on both days! I mean- why not?
  • For our loved ones, do not get offended if we want to take a spontaneous trip for our special day (like I did this year). It has always been difficult for me to decide what to do when Feb 29th comes around. Simple rule to follow, do what makes YOU happy. It is your day, no one else’s.


PLEASE stop making our lives difficult-

  • FB, I’m sorry I keep changing my birthday. In 2017 please do not get mad that I have to change my birthday back to Feb 28th. I still want birthday loooove.
  • Sites that do not have Feb 29th as an option, it is a real day!!! I can show you the 2016 calendar and my birth certificate as proof.
  • Please show leap day on more shows/movies. Some people are still so ignorant when it comes to leap year. Plus I’m sure other leap year babies love seeing our day acknowledged (shout out to The Office and Parks & Rec).
  • This one goes out to petite leap year babies, like me, the joke about us being short because, we are born on leap year- is not funny. Somehow people think leap year and height go together, they do not.


For My Leap Year Babies Out There-

  • You may hate it now, but I promise you that one day you will love it. While your friends are turning 40, you will be turning 10;) You will forever be young!
  • According to an old Irish legend, women are allowed to propose to a man on leap day. If a man were to refuse the offer, he would have to buy her 12 pairs of gloves.
  • On a non-leap year, you have about a minute a day to celebrate your birthday. Only leap year babies can say it’s there birthday everyday.


For all my leap year babies out there, I hope you had an amazing birthday. I know I did. I spent it in my favorite city, NYC.

Special thanks to Google and Snapchat for acknowledging leap day. It’s the little things!






One thought on “Lovable, Lucky, Leaping, LEAP YEAR

  1. chichats says:

    Thank you for the share! I will get this word press of mine going soon. Loved reading about yours. The pics are beautiful. The sweater and that ring are wonderful!!!!!

    Miss you and love you.


    http://www.SheLovesToDoLaundry.com On Mar 3, 2016 11:30 PM, “The Awkward Accident-prone Actress” wrote:

    > Caylin Jimenez posted: “Backstory- I know, I know, leap day is in the > past. It came, and went so quickly that I did not have time to post about > it. As some of you may know, I am a leap year baby. I constantly get asked > if it is something I enjoy or loathe. To be honest, I have ” >

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