My DIY Ultimate Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit

I wanted to create something really unique and worthy of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, so this is what I came up with. I’m also really indecisive and didn’t want to choose just one era, so I did them ALL!

Materials used:

How I created the look:

Step 1

Select and prep your canvas. I chose a romper that reminded me of Taylor’s 1989/Reputation eras. I recommend ironing or steaming it before painting on it.

Step 2

Decide and print out what you will create stencils on. I made a list of Taylor Swift’s eras and symbols for each of them. Then I found images online that I could use to help create the stencils.

Step 3

Use the precision knife to cut out the designs. I recommend picking easy items that won’t be too difficult to cut out. You can also use a small, sharp scissor to assist you.

Step 4

Assemble the stencils on the fabric to get an idea of what it would look like.

Step 5

Get to painting! I found it best to use the stencils to get at least the outline and then paint in the rest. Keep in mind that details can be added after.

Step 6

Let the paint dry before moving on to the next steps. I also positioned the belt to make sure none of my designs would fall under it.

Step 7

Add the jewels! I chose ones that I felt represented each era. The jewels as a whole also embody her most recent album, Midnights!

Step 8

This could also be done before adding the rhinestones, but in my case, I had to wait for the fabric marker to get delivered. I used a white fabric marker to outline each of the designs, giving it a cleaner look.

Step 9

My last step was creating the belt. I cut some pink ribbon and ironed on an Eras Tour patch I ordered from Etsy. These patches are cool because you can select which era’s design you want. I chose Lover💖.

Eras Tour Outfit Ideas:

Check out my idea list on Amazon!

What’s your favorite Taylor Swift era?


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