Fun, Festive, & Fantastical at the Florida Renaissance Festival

I love the Florida Renaissance Festival and have been going to it for the last three or so years. This year, I went on a Saturday around noon (big mistake). I recommend going early when it opens or maybe going a bit after noon to avoid the rush (keep in mind it closes at sundown). Keep in mind you will have to wait in line to enter the park and then again for baggage check. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much of a line to purchase tickets (I like to buy them there with cash to avoid extra fees).

Oh, and if you love themes, there are themes each weekend. I went during pirate weekend.

Pro tip: wear comfy shoes and breathable clothing. It’s Florida (therefore very hot), and you will do a lot of walking.

The Florida Ren Fest offers something enjoyable for everyone, from food and beverages to live music and lots of shopping. Make sure to bring cash, and if you don’t, at least a debit card to use at one of the ATMs.

There’s plenty of entertainment to consume during your visit—including Irish dancing, live music, comedy shows, and more! And to top it off, everything is perfectly themed.

I did, of course, do a little shopping while galavanting around the festival—treat yo’ self! My sister and I got the cutest moon phase rings.

You can even buy quality musical instruments here. My friend got to tryout and eventually purchase a harp.

There are also some great photo spots for you to utilize when showing off your fabulous fit. I was going for a Targaryen Fairy Pirate vibe (I know, a lot going on).

One of my favorite sections to explore was the Ottoman Empire. Before heading out, I made sure to have Turkish coffee!

I had a great time and cannot wait for next year.

Fare thee well; I must away!



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