DIY Harry Potter Fanny Pack Fanny pack is $10 on Amazon and so is the patch ($20 total). Fanny pack is adjustable and fits a lot of stuff. I recommend this DIY project for Harry Potter fans in need of a cute fanny pack. I used it for my trip to Universal Orlando and it was perfect. Link to … Continue reading DIY Harry Potter Fanny Pack


DIY Fall/Thanksgiving Tree & Decorations Since a tree during Christmas time brings so much joy, I wanted to utilize it for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday). I decorated the tree in a super easy fall theme by gluing fall leaves to a velvet Christmas ribbon, placing leaves/pinecones on the tree, and positioning leaves from Publix on the top (instead using … Continue reading DIY Fall/Thanksgiving Tree & Decorations

DIY Sailor Moon Cosplay

Guinness filled in as my Luna This Halloween I dressed up as Sailor Moon. I documented the process in a series of videos shared below: The costume was not difficult, but it did take several little steps. The costume itself was purchased from AliExpress for $13. The boots and wig … Continue reading DIY Sailor Moon Cosplay