Jaguar Latin-American Kitchen

    Jaguar Latin-American Kitchen was the first place that introduced me to ceviche and I quite possible could not have chosen a better place to do so. Jaguar has always been ahead of its time – it is a place that seems like it would reside in New York or LA, but shines bright … Continue reading Jaguar Latin-American Kitchen


Crackers Casual Dining – Blissful & Booming Brunch

  I have been to Crackers Casual Dining a couple of times now and I always enjoy it. The tropical patio layout, live entertainment, and homey Southern-inspired fare distinguishes it from all the brunch spots in the city. The relaxed atmosphere is popular among locals, understandably so.   We chose Crackers for our Sunday brunch … Continue reading Crackers Casual Dining – Blissful & Booming Brunch